Runamuk House Deck | Black Yellow

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GC influencer icon THE BRO JAMUK has raised the bar once again with his RUNAMUK HOUSE concept which sees 8 influencers hire a house out for 5 days to literally RUNAMUK and create crazy amazing content that is promised to leave you in stitches! 

To celebrate this crack up spectacle we have teamed up with the RUNAMUK HOUSE to create individual custom decks for each influencers that are attending along with a an offical RUNAMUK TEAM DECK!

You will be able to get a first hand look on the quality of our custom decks which are available for you to create right here on our website!

Make sure you are following the RUNAMUK HOUSE here to find out how you can win the decks featured! If you are already on the RUNAMUK HOUSE CLOSE FRIENDS list you already know what's up! 



  • A Grade Postal Certified 7-Ply Canadian Maple Construction for durable performance
  • Medium Concave for enhanced control and comfort during rides
  • Width Options: 8.0, 8.25, 8.5 catering to individual preferences
  • Premium Resolution Graphics for a visually striking appearance
  • Embossed Top and Bottom Graphic Design for added style
  • Colors & Graphics may vary slightly, ensuring uniqueness
  • FREE Postal Skateboards Carry Bag valued at $20.00 included with each deck


  • Command™ Hook designed to securely hold decks up to 2.2kg (Deck Weight: 1.2kg)
  • Damage-Free Hanging with a 4mm Thick Chrome Chain for stability
  • Branded Cardboard Box for a touch of authenticity


  • Trinity Matte Black Hollo King Pin Trucks for superior performance
  • "DSCO Ball" Bearings for smooth and efficient rides
  • Trinity 52mm x 100a White Wheels for optimal grip and speed
  • Trinity Bolts 1 Inch Black Allen for sturdy assembly
  • Clear or Black Grip - Specify your preference when ordering to personalise your setup

Elevate your skateboarding experience with our meticulously designed deck featuring high-quality materials and innovative features. Order now to enjoy a stylish, durable, and performance-driven ride.